Leather goods; Valentine’s gifts for men

On Life, Hope y todo lo demás...

I don’t have a man in my life but I once did and I knew exactly what made a great gift. I couldn’t always afford what I wanted to get him, but I always tried to get a meaningful and quality item, no matter how small. I love gift-giving, and I still get my ex-husband something for Christmas on behalf of my nieces and nephew since he was and is a very generous uncle and godfather. I believe in quality and my go to is usually leather and especially from an Italian company, I love because of the top quality leather goods they make. Il Bisonte. I even get myself the male version of their wallets because they age beautifully and are soft to the touch. Mine spans 7 years now and I love how it looks now, all used and beautifully weathered.

So, here are some products which would make for…

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Break up with a narcissist for Valentine’s Day! Do yourself a favor!

On Life, Hope y todo lo demás...

According to Minds JournalCasinos know it. Animal trainers count on it. Narcissists have perfected it.” Diana Jeffrey couldn’t have explained it better when she says how the powerful emotional tool of intermittent reinforcement can keep you hooked forever. This is what Narcissists are experts at.

It does take a special type of person who has either an addictive personality, low self-esteem or actually, any person who simply happens to fall in love, which we all know, can drive us crazy for a while. Yet, narcissists can prolong the torture of the pink love cloud for years.

They hook you first showering you with love and affection, treating you as if you were the best thing that has happened to them, and then they tell you how hard they’ve had it. Usually, these people cannot commit and won’t, but they will keep you hooked by pulling you close, then…

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3 Style tips for new moms, free samples and a giveaway!

So I´m not so much of a new mami anymore. My baby is already in daycare! Time flies! As a fashion and beauty writer, I know that when you have a baby you need not only to LOOK good when you are out and about. You also need to FEEL good. So here are my tips to get both when you not only have to deal with yourself but also a baby, a diaper bag and maybe your handbag.

1.- Wear flats.- At least at the very beginning, it helps to ditch the high heels. You´re going to be pushing a stroller, carrying a bundle of joy and if you need to run after your toddler, flats are a much better option!

2.- Swear off white.- Yes, I know white and ivory are beautiful colors. I love them! But unless you want to risk getting them seriously stained, save these great tones for later on. I wore a lot of black and gray as a new mami for that reason!

3.- Wear comfy undies.- Even if you love thongs and cheekies, for a while you´ll be better off with comfy undies. Choose cute ones, like boxers, not granny panties. And to make these even comfier, add comfy liners to preserve them! the new U by Kotex Lightdays Liners are a wonderful choice.

3 Style tips for new moms and free samples

So, in addition to my tips, here is something for you! Seguir leyendo

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New Silky Serum Foundation for Impecable Skin Care.

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Save your undies and get a free sample of U by Kotex®

I love that it’s spring! I’m a beauty and fashion blogger and also the mom of a little boy. This means I get excited about change my wardrobe and pulling out of the closet lighter clothes, and even white pants! I love experimenting with new makeup trends and spring fashion, including  beautiful new undies to go with my lighter clothes. I also get to enjoy weekends at the playground with my son during this time of the year.

The only days that any of these fun activities could turn into a potential disaster are the days of the month when I’m on my period. Because I have an irregular flow, I’m never quite sure of what kind of feminine protection to wear. And this has resulted in having to discard more than one favorite pair of undies. It’s not only a question of cost, but the fact that maybe the undies were a gift, maybe they are a seasonal style, maybe I just don’t want to have to drag my little boy to the store to stock up on more underwear. And then risk having to throw it away again because of leaks during that time of the month.

Save your undies with Kotex U and get a free sample

I was excited about testing U by Kotex® with 3D Capture Core* to see whether it would withstand the test of saving my undies and then share my findings with you. Well, I’m happy to report that this month I did not have to discard or even try to remove stains off of any of my pretty spring panties. The best part is that you can also test the product by signing up to receive free samples of U by Kotex®. Seguir leyendo

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Jazz up your lips this summer with a pop of dazzling color.

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Top 2 makeup primers!

Flawless skin with primersBy Clinique

Flawless skin with primers
courtesy of  Clinique

A  primer is a cosmetic designed to use under makeup. As the name suggests, it prepares the skin for makeup application. What it does is smooth skin, cover pores with a thin film to conceal fine lines slightly, and other skin imperfections. It’s like preparing a canvas for a painting. Seguir leyendo

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