What I Got (and want) for Christmas

What are you choosing: Happiness or misery? Love or fear?

Christmas is almost here (¡qué loco!) yet it is a great time to review what we have accomplished so far and get ready to fully embrace the new year.

It is also this time of the year that I always ask myself, “What do I want for Christmas?” just to find myself singing back Mariah Carey’s song All I Want For Christmas Is You – “You” as each and every one that is part of my life, sharing this wonderful journey with me, blessing it just by being part of it.

It has been a very challenging yet powerful year; a year of tremendous inner growth and deep learning experiences; so rich and intense that I feel I have lived more than one life in only one year.

One of the things I got, while going through the ocean of changes, is that I didn’t really need anything (else) in my life, because I already had it all. I felt rich in the midst of losing my house.

One morning, after having an incredible enlightening dream, I woke up full of energy, clarity and determination. The message of the dream was that indeed, I did have it all – right in that very instant – to make it through it all; I was alive and I had my relationships to help me face the most intimidating storms and enjoy the sunny days as well.

From there on, it was really up to me. It was as simple as choosing moment by moment – what I wanted to create and become; be the architect and sole designer of my life, be fearless in the face of fears.

We fight and resist our fears thinking they will vanish. Good news is that they are never gone.

All that “stuff” that gets fueled by the ego and prevent us from creating and choosing fearlessly moment by moment, was fear (Fear: False, Evidence, Appearing, Real). Fear of the unknown, uncertainty, fear of losing it all including myself. Yes, that too. Simply because I didn’t know myself without all “those things.”

I also got that none of “those things” ever represented who I am. Who I am, my very essence, cannot be taken away.

We can, however, use life lessons to let It shine brighter or let It hide deeper into the darkness. Again, you are the one who chooses how it goes.

It is only inside resistance that (emotional) pain feeds itself and lives from. By consciously letting go of the old, I was able to create a complete new-clear space to receive and allow the new to come into my life.

I do have it all; I have my relationships and the power to create and choose my life newly over and over, which fuels my desire to create and have more and more not only for myself but for others.

It (the journey) never ends and it doesn’t get any better than that.

How are you living yours?

Fernanda Beccaglia is a food writer and food stylist, journalist, minister of yoga, holistic chef and coach.

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2 respuestas a What I Got (and want) for Christmas

  1. Ay, Fer, me encanta este post. I’ve also tied loose ends this year, many, and I’m ready to move on without baggage. Namaste amiga.


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