Got Lush?

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, by Lush (Photo: Fernanda Beccaglia)

Lush makes me lusty, wakes up my senses and leaves me wanting more…

No, Lush is not a “he.”

Lush is a line of handmade cosmetics, made from fresh-organic fruits and vegetables, 100% not tested in animals, 100% vegetarian, 81% vegan; naked (44% unpacked), fair trade, palm oil free and 69% preservative-free.

Moreover, Lush cosmetics are super affordable. Yes, I know that when some people hear the word organic, they immediately think “crazy-expensive” but – thankfully – this is not the case.

Because of all the above, I couldn’t wait to tell you about Lust.

Lust is a solid vegan perfume, extremely sensual and intoxicating, made of pure essential oils: jasmine absolute, rose absolute, ylang ylang, sandalwood and vanilla. (A very powerful and naughty combination, indeed.) It really does “stir a primal yearning…”  So I put it on and went out. The results? Lusty attention. Hey, I get it.  This “lustful jasmine perfume” is too yummy to miss. Oh, and by the way, it lasts for hours.

With products like Lush, we have zero excuses to be good to our(yummy)selves and the planet.

Want more? Stay tuned for my Sex Bomb review, also by Lush.

Disclosure: A sample for review was provided by the manufacturer. However, I only showcase products I actually liked.

Fernanda Beccaglia is a food writer and food stylist, journalist, minister of yoga, holistic chef and coach.

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