The Beauty of Running a Half Marathon


I run more for emotional and mental fitness than to be physically fit, but the benefits of running spill into every aspect of my life. I’ve been running since I was 12, but had never committed to running more than 5 miles at a time.

Three months ago, shortly before my 48th birthday, I decided to go the distance and started to train for the Women´s Half Marathon in St. Petersburg, Florida, which I ran on Sunday Nov. 20.

Even though I’m now recovering physically from running the 13.1 miles, mentally and emotionally I still feel like I have runner’s high. When you set a goal and accomplish it, whether it’s running a half marathon, a full marathon, writing a book or getting your dream job, you feel like you can do anything else that you set out to accomplish.

To run any kind of long distance, it’s not enough to have physical stamina. Mental and emotional endurance is a must. That’s what carried me through the aches and pains of the body that, as I hit the pavement, I mentally equated to the challenges life often brings our way.

If I had overcome an eating disorder, divorce (my parents´ and my own), and financial hardship, to name a few – I could overcome the aches and pains of running 13.1 miles.

I could run for friends and acquaintances lost to illnesses. I could run to set an example to my kids of what a woman can do. I could run to show myself that I am capable of setting a goal and reaching it, no matter what.

I ran, I smiled, I hurt, I doubted, I thought, I felt, I cried, I laughed, I endured, and … I did it!

I ran my first half marathon at 48, in 2.5 hours.

With a little help from:

Disclosure: I received samples of all products from the manufacturers, except the Fuel Belt. I don’t review all samples, only those I tested and loved.

Lorraine C. Ladish is a bilingual published author and writes the blogs Success Diaries and Diario del Éxito. She is also an expert Latina Mom, who promotes inner and outer beauty

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3 respuestas a The Beauty of Running a Half Marathon

  1. I wanna train with you for your next challenge! woohoo! : )

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