Estée Lauder Pure Color: Sizzling burst!

Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Teal Topaz

My nails aren’t gorgeous. ¡Caray! I’ve been biting my nails forever and not until recently, did I stop biting them. Just a nasty habit. But of course, it does show. My nails grow discolored so I have to hide the discoloration with color. For a year now I’ve been wearing violet.

I try to stay away from glitter. But, just this once, I tried this beautiful Teal topaz. A burst of color but not too glittery. Easy to apply. It has a good brush that helps you stick to the nail and not smear your fingers. It looks great on toe nails and looks elegant. It lasts long without chipping. May I say that my toe nails look prettier too! Price $19

Estée Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow in Platinum

At first I was taken aback by the glitter but as the instructions explain, it may be lightly brushed on. It comes with a regular eyeshadow applicator and brush. Love the brush, which is what I used to make the color supple. If you want a deeper hue, use the applicator which will give you what it promises, “pure color”.

Long lasting and doesn’t crease as you would usually expect! A little pricy but as I have found, cheaper versions crack, break, and don´t last as long. Price:$30

Estée Lauder Eyeliner in Graphite

I use long-lasting waterproof eyeliner due to my allergies. And I use liquid eye-liners for this reason too. They last longer.

My eyes are small so this enhances them and makes them look bigger. I’m fair skinned so I like grays with a little glitter, they soften the eyes. This eyeliner is not waterproof but it is long lasting.

It’s easy to apply and very precise. Glides on.  Price: $19.00

Laura Carbonell is a bilingual and bicultural language teacher at Casa Hispana in San Francisco. She is a foodie and enjoys cooking and sharing her abuelita’s recipes, and wearing makeup and sharing her findings. You may follow her on Twitter.

Disclosure: Laura received samples from the manufacturer. She tests them for a few weeks, and only showcases here those she loves!

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