Coconut oil: multitasking!


I just discovered this gem! Yep! Been around for ages, been used in India for centuries and now I find out! It’s cheap, relatively, if you think how much you spend on products which are only designed or marketed for certain things, as cooking, washing your hair, face, body etc…

Well, here I found a multitasker! It’s a great scalp and hair moisturizer, facial and body moisturizer, it keeps cholesterol levels low if consumed in small quantities, aids in weight loss, helps digestion, and a long list of great stuff!

Your best bet is extra virgin coconut oil.  Found in organic stores. Trader Joe’s $6.99

I love it!

Laura Carbonell is a bilingual and bicultural language teacher at Casa Hispana in San Francisco. She is a foodie and enjoys cooking and sharing her abuelita’s recipes, and wearing makeup and sharing her findings. You may follow her on Twitter.


Acerca de Laura Carbonell

Language teacher, food, health and empowerment blogger at @vivafifty @OnLifeandHope #socialmedia #influencer Follow me on Twitter at @lauralcbl
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3 respuestas a Coconut oil: multitasking!

  1. Deborah Brooks dijo:

    Coconut oil is very tasty. I used to put a jar of it in the refrigerator so it would solidify, then eat it like ice cream (but dipping only a very small amount with the spoon, and eating much less overall).

  2. Ayer mismo vino un amigo a casa que dice que lo usa para cocinar porque es supersaludable, cuando se calienta no pierde sus propiedades y no le añade sabor extra a las comidas. Está encantado y con todas las maravillas que dijo, me late que lo vamos a usar pronto en nuestra cocina.


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