Why do we run?

Is it to torture ourselves? To lose weight? To become tough and rough?

When I ask people, over 40, I get a 50-50 response. Half say they do so in order to be able to eat more and the other half for their mental health. And yes, I agree with both, but mostly with the latter.

I run to oxygenate my brain, to relax, to get some perspective. It’s not a passion though, it’s something I need to do, for my self and others around me.

I read articles where they say that running is bad for joints, for your heart, your feet even. Too much exertion can kill you, but so does sitting on the couch all day! And the saying might be true “¡Lo que no se usa, se atrofia!”

According to a New York Times article: Exercise helps us age more gracefuly!

So, run, walk, jog, swim, whatever, just move!

Laura Carbonell is a bilingual and bicultural language teacher at Casa Hispana in San Francisco. She is a foodie and enjoys cooking and sharing her abuelita’s recipes, and wearing makeup and sharing her findings. You may follow her on Twitter.



Acerca de Laura Carbonell

Language teacher, food, health, education, empowerment blogger at @vivafifty @OnLifeandHope #socialmedia #influencer Follow me on Twitter at @lauralcbl
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2 respuestas a Why do we run?

  1. Conosco a un hombre que tiene 62 or 63 anos y todavia corre mucho, y no le duelen las rodillas. Creo que el nivel de dano a las articulaciones depende mucho de la estructura esqueletica(?) de cada persona.


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