It’s in the details. Little acts of kindness.

We forget the small stuff and look at the big stuff, the big picture. The one we have in our minds of what will make us happy, complete. All being an illusion, because it all boils down to the very essence of now. We prepare for the future enjoying now. Isn’t this way of perceiving life a relief!?

We look at the big stuff we want, we expect. The perfect job, home, love, and we go about our day worrying about how to get these things and looking at our existence with a magnifying glass, in search of what we don’t have. Missing the good stuff.

If you are mindful during the day, and pay close attention to what is going on around you, you’ll be surprised at how happy you can be, allowing yourself to be awed by what happens, those gestures, the small ones we take no notice of, or forget, because our focus is elsewhere, lost in a horizon we will never reach.

Of late, or maybe in these past to years, I have come to appreciate the small stuff which actually is the big stuff. A sense of appreciation that might have come with age. 

  • I went out for a run and the trash picking up truck came to a halt and let me cross, the man smiling cheered me on! This made me smile!
  • An elderly couple, stopped their conversation to greet me with a big smile..
  • I went for the second time in my life to get a manicure, where after an hour and a hefty tip, because they deserved it, I left and after having walked a cold four blocks I heard my name being called out. It was the manicure lady, running after me because she said she forgot the top coat! And right there and then she did the top coat!
  • For Christmas our boss gave us all gifts. Chocolates, a card and a bottle of wine. I got the best pastels in the market since she knows I like to draw and stay away from boo
  • A friend, went out to dinner with all my school friends and since they were in Spain and I was here in SF and couldn’t attend, they took a picture holding cards with my name on them, saying they loved Laura. My heart missed a beat and was moved to tears.
  • A friend who texts just to say hi! I miss you.
  • A clerk at a store apologizing sincerely for the long wait.
  • A stranger paying the toll ahead of you.
  • A surprise breakfast made with love and orange juice.
  • A post on Facebook mentioning you.
  • A valentine’s card from a sister who is way too busy to shower!
  • A  Christmas gift from my godchild who is ten years old. A book I used to read to her every night at least twice for two weeks! And she wanted me to have.

  • A limousine ride just because it was my birthday and my friend didn’t want me to ride the bus to dinner. (OK this is not little!)
  • Surprise concert tickets from a friend. Knowing I loved the guy. Had the time of my life! But it took some doing to get me to the concert without me suspecting!
  • Students thanking me for the class. That is priceless!

And I could go on and on… But you get the point!

My days are filled with acts of kindness. They warm my heart and I believe kindness begets kindness and the world becomes a better place, NOW.

Laura Carbonell is a bilingual and bicultural language teacher at Casa Hispana in San Francisco. She is a foodie and enjoys cooking and sharing her abuelita’s recipes, and wearing makeup and sharing her findings. You may follow her on Twitter.
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