How to get a sun-kissed look without the sun

El sol does wonders for your mood, but not so much for the skin. Sunblock is my friend, and helps prevent both skin cancer and wrinkles. But, I don´t want to look pale in the middle of summer … What to do?

Here are two products that I found help create a sun-kissed look without the damaging effects of the sun:

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid BronzerEstée Lauder Bronze Goddess

At $28.50, this liquid bronzer is an affordable solution to get a healthy glow, ¡sí señora!

How I´ve made it work for me: Mixed with my regular facial moisturizer or body lotion, for a sun-kissed look that looks natural and healthy. The trick was to play around with it until I found the exact proportion that made me look like I´d just come from la playa and not fake.

Laura Mercier Starlight Illuminating PowderLaura Mercier Starlight Illuminating powder

At around $32, this powder goes a long way towards making you look and feel guapísima in the warmer months.

How I´ve made it work for me: After applying a beauty balm such as Dr. Jart´s BB Cream, I dusted the powder on cheeks, décolletage and shoulders. The trick is not to overdo it, a common mistake and to avoid brushing it all over your face. ¡Estupendo!

Disclosure: I receive samples from manufacturers. I test them for a few weeks, and only showcase here those I love!

Lorraine C. Ladish is a bilingual published authorShe is also an expert Latina Mom, who promotes inner and outer beauty.

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