Mother’s day coming up! Don’t dare get her an Iron!

Laura Mercier
Le Petite Patisserie

Growing up, I never understood how on earth a mother could appreciate receiving an iron or any household item as a gift for mother’s day. Of course, I am not a mother and I guess these gadgets are of much help if you spend your days working at home or double dipping: working at home and at the office.

Having spoken about this subject with plenty of mothers, most would just love to be taken out to dinner, given a gift card, a day off at a spa, make up, perfume… Something that will remind her above all that she is a woman besides a mother, and a beautiful one at that.

I think of the word mother and I think: STRESS! So in my humble opinion, a gift related to relaxing is due for mother’s day.

I received this very cute trio a few weeks ago and instantly thought of Mother’s day. Laura Mercier: La Petite Patisserie Trio Limited Edition, is a generously sized travel set, featuring a body wash, moisturizer and body fragrance. I got the Almond Coconut trio. The other trio offered is Fresh Fig.

Le Petite Patisserie is just that, a pastry! It doesn’t smell as if you had just had cake though, this can be overwhelming! I want cake on my plate or tummy, not wearing it! The smell is light, soft, relaxing and calming. The name refers to the way the cream body wash feels on your skin and lathers, as if you were applying mouse!

The  Soufflé Body Crème is like whipped cream and spreads lightly over your skin. Both, the body wash and cream do actually leave your skin moisturized all day as it promises. I loved the scent.

To top it off, the body fragrance is mellow and subtly sweet.

Laura Mercier seems to offer unique, distinct and quality products. I had never used this brand before this year and I have been pleasantly surprised.

I would definitely give the brand a try, specially for mother’s day!

La Petite Patisserie Trio- $45.00 Available at: Laura Mercier

Full disclosure: As a beauty editor, Laura Carbonell receives samples of products from manufacturers and/or publishers. This does not influence her opinion of a product and both pros and cons are always stated. Neither the author nor SpanglishBeauty received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article. 

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