14 Lessons I didn’t learn in school


Life, don’t miss it! Learn!

School is great, we manage to get through it, some more easily than others, but the real schooling begins when you walk out to your life, to the real world. There you are on your own with no manual. Maybe the manual handed over by your parents but this was their manual, not yours.

Lessons I learnt in the school of life:

  1. People let you down but in the end it is better to trust than to go through life not trusting anyone. It is way easier to expect the best from people, way better, no matter what.
  2. People come and go and you can’t keep them against their will, in time you will be glad they did leave.
  3. People ARE in your life for a reason, to teach you something about yourself or about life in general.
  4. Before criticizing  someone, try walking in their shoes, we all have baggage, heavier or lighter, but we all do.
  5. Accept people as they are, don’t battle to change them. They will in time if they have to.
  6. Give and help as much as you can. The rewards will be priceless. A warm heart and the feeling you did someone and yourself a favor.
  7. Be you, no matter what. If someone doesn’t like you, you don’t need them in your life. I stopped caring and the people who do like me stayed. These are the good apples!
  8. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted, once you lose them you will realize how important they were to you.
  9. Life isn’t easy and there are good days and bad days, but nothing is permanent.
  10. As a friend told me his grandmother said, the most important words in the dictionary are please and thank you. Use them.
  11. If you are unhappy in a situation, change it, you can. What stops you often is your fear and frame of mind. Yes, you can!
  12. Be as honest as you can and it will be reciprocated. In time you will only attract people who share your values.
  13. Don’t settle for the ordinary, go for the extraordinary. And this doesn’t mean you have to do great things, small acts count to towards greatness.
  14. Forgive yourself, be compassionate towards yourself.

 And many more, but we each have our own lives and lessons to learn.

What are yours?

Laura Carbonell is a bilingual and bicultural language teacher at Casa Hispana in San Francisco. She is a foodie, enjoys cooking and sharing her abuelita’s recipes, wearing makeup and sharing her findings. But most of all she is interested in life and people. You may follow her on  Twitter


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Language teacher, food, health, education, empowerment blogger at @vivafifty @OnLifeandHope #socialmedia #influencer Follow me on Twitter at @lauralcbl
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