Here comes the sun without the damage but with the glow.

I only realized tanning was not such a good idea when I was diagnosed with melanoma. Luckily it was stage 1 superficial spreading, caught in time. It was a wide incision which has left not a pretty scar on the back on my leg, where it usually develops in women. As is usually the case, only when “le ves las orejas al lobo,”do we GET IT! So, serious tanning has taken a back seat. I do enjoy some sun but I am more careful and now have more time to really enjoy the pool and the beach, instead of spending long hours frying my skin.

Make-over date!
By Laura Carbonell

I do miss the healthy looking tan though. There are many products out there to give you a natural tanned look, and to tell the truth, I had no clue as to how to wear bronzer. I would brush it all over my face, making me look like a darkened sparkly lightbulb. Only when I accompanied my friend for make-over at a beauty counter, did I learn how to apply it.  I  learnt two things: how to apply bronzer and have it look natural, and that make-up artists are ARTISTS!

How to protect your skin and get a healthy summer glow.

City Block

Super City Block
By Clinique $19

  1. Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40

Apply sunblock which also acts as a primer. I have been using Super City Block Oil-Free Face Protector for a few years now. Mostly in the summer. It moisturizes without making your skin oily. It’s long-lasting and has sun block. This is a three in one: sun protector, moisturizer and primer.

Stay-Mate Oil-free Makeup
by Clinique

2. Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-free Makeup.

In the summer, the heat or the humidity will make your skin oily when wearing makeup. I have found this makeup true to its name. It is mate and keeps your skin oil free and happily light weight. You don’t want to wear heavy makeup in the summer and have it melt like a dripping candle!

  Available in 20 shades

Superbalanced Powder Bronzer
By Clinique $34.50

3. Superbalanced Powder Bronzer

And here is the winner! The summer long-lasting, for sure, glow. It is a bit sparkly but it does it’s job. What I learnt at the beauty counter make-over with my friend, was that to get a natural glow you should apply the bronzer bellow your cheek bones, on the bridge of your nose, jaw line and a bit on your forehead hairline. Follow with blush, applying on the apples of your cheeks.  Apply a light coat. You don’t want to over do it!

  Available in two shades.  

Enjoy the tanned glow without the damage!

Full disclosure: As a beauty editor, Laura Carbonell receives samples of products from manufacturers and/or publishers. This does not influence her opinion of a product and both pros and cons are always stated. Neither the author nor SpanglishBeauty received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article. 

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Acerca de Laura Carbonell

Language teacher, food, health, education, empowerment blogger at @vivafifty @OnLifeandHope #socialmedia #influencer Follow me on Twitter at @lauralcbl
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