The Concert that could change the world: The Wall


Life inevitably changes us, some things more profoundly than others, life is constant renewal and at the same time we are dying a bit every day. The older we get, the more we are open to change in views and sensitivity. We become more in tune with pain  because of our own history. A simple concert could change your views.

Our new world

In time, we start caring more about the world around us and we come to worry less about the small stuff, less involved with ourselves. In this technology based society reality is brought to us full force, maybe a bit distorted at times. We learn of death around us, crimes, abuse, pain more closely and faster.

Maybe I should only be speaking for myself.  I am more sensitive now about other people’s issues than when I was younger. A new awareness which has helped me become more understanding.

The message I didn’t get

In my 20’s I used to listen to rock bands not really listening to the lyrics. I had the notion that although I loved Pink Floyd, they were stereotyped as dumb. Have you seen The Spinal Tap movie? Well, as with most stereotypes, I was slapped in the face when I went to Roger Water’s The Wall concert in San Francisco this year. I was blown away, not only by the music but by the message. I had missed it all these years, 30 to be exact, The Wall was performed and made into a movie. I have seen it countless times. The message was so clear now and I believe this would be a great religion to join if it were one…The Wall Religion.

This Amazing interview with Roger Waters will blow your mind and maybe make you more aware of the walls between us. We build walls that separate us instead of breaking them down, as in politics, religion, race and gender.

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