H.A.L.T. Then move on…


This acronym stands for: Never get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired. This is a slogan used in A.A. or any recovery program. There is truth to be found in many religions and belief systems , from which we take or leave what makes sense to us.

Good reasons for following H.A.L.T. 

This acronym means stop, think, be aware of what you are feeling. If you are at any of these stages, you lose sight of what you are really feeling and you might not be able to control your impulses. Therefore making the wrong decisions at a time when you are not functioning emotionally at your best.


When you are hungry, you might experience fatigue, anxiety and irritability. Eat and then think about whatever it is

you have at hand. Irritability clouds your mind.


We all know we should never make major decisions when angry. It is best to breathe deep and wait it out. It is tough, but much regret can come from impulsively getting back at someone in anger, saying things you don’t really mean. Anger also makes us irrational and afraid. This is not a good mature place to come from.


In English we have two words: alone and lonely. Being alone is something enjoyable but when you feel lonely you might indulge in self pity which also leads to negative behaviors. In stead of reaching out, one locks up and keeps the pity party going. In such cases you may also choose the worse company. It is best to call a friend, write to someone and share either how you are feeling, or just chat with the person about anything unrelated. This will make you feel less lonely or alienated.


When we are tired we start making mistakes if we are working on something important. It is best to get a good sleep and go back to the job the next day. Lack of sleep also makes us more emotionally vulnerable.

Follow H.A.L.T.  And you may feel more ready to take on the world. In it’ own terms, of course


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