Because you are unique: 3 products to pamper yourself!

Kerastase Ciment Thermique
SRP $39


I am not sold easily on beauty products. Plus, It’s difficult to share and enjoy the same benefits and likes others have. Our olfactory glands react differently to scent. Our skins vary, and so does our hair… We are all so very different and unique. This is something to celebrate, but it is a bit hard to find the right products. I like to rely on real people to tell me what they think about a product, I find them more trustworthy than a million studies suggesting the effectiveness of some product or a sales campaign pitch.

This is my humble take on these three products I’ve tried and work for me. Don’t forget you can always ask for a sample! This, I think is a must before you make a pricy beauty purchase.

Ciment Thermique by Kerastase Leave-In Heat-Activated Reconstructing Milk for Weakened Hair SRP $39

Why: I was in Spain last month and I went for my yearly hair cut. Yes, yearly because I can’t really afford the price of a good hair cut more often, or rather, I choose not to because I prefer to spend it else were. You can imagine that by that time my hair has gone through a lot of damage. I wash my hair daily, blow dry it and then use a flat-iron. I don’t usually purchase expensive hair products, only on occasion and as a very special treat.

On this trip the hairdresser told me: “You need a leave-in-conditioner.” To this I thought to myself, “No I don’t!” Still, I let her go on with her sales pitch. ‘Try it and I know you will come back and tell me how much you liked it!” I thought to myself: ‘She is really sticking her neck out here on this claim!” However, for once I did buy it. For two reasons: I was on vacation and could afford a little more indulgence, and second this hair salon was hurting as many in this recession.

I headed home and the results to my surprise were very positive! This leave-in-conditioner actually made my hair smooth, shiny and silky! And the smell is amazing. Just for the smell I’d buy it now. It is pricy but as the hairdresser said: a dime size goes a long way. It will probably last about a month or more. No sales pitch here.

What they claim:

  • Ciment Thermique is a thermo-protective reconstructive milk for weak and damaged hair.
  • It helps to protect and repair hair from blow dryers and styling irons.
  • It provides long-lasting strength from the inside to the surface of the hair fiber.

Available at beauty salons and on-line at

Miss Dior Cherie


Miss Dior Cherie From $88 1.7 oz Available at ULTA Beauty and department stores.

Why: I like to smell clean. Soap is a great option but unfortunately it doesn’t last long, specially since I mostly have to stick to sensitive skin products which are unscented. I have stuck to Clean line for two years now. I’m pretty loyal, or you might say boring!

I received a sample at Sephora of Miss Dior Cherie and I was taken! It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. It smells clean, soft and very cozy, if I may use this word and it means anything to you. Cozy reminds me of sweet afternoons at a garden porch with the whiff of grass, fruits and flowers.

Yep! I made the purchase. You only need a hint and it will last all day, not turning on you. Some perfumes change as your skin changes throughout the day and it might not smell so appealing by evening. This one doesn’t. It stays lightly fresh.

Dior’s Description

Miss Dior Cherie begins with top notes of green tangerine and strawberry leaves. Mid notes of Violette jasmine, pink jasmine, caramelized popcorn, and strawberry sorbet rest atop base notes of fresh patchouli and crystalline musk.

Clinique Even Better Eyes


Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector by Clinique (New)

Why: Because not only do I have dark circles but those not so sexy bags! I like that it is liquid and easy to apply. The applicator is cool too! And I mean it both ways! It is metal and when you apply it directly from the tip, it is cool on the skin, light and doesn’t go on pasty. You can wear it with or without make up since it has a hint of color.  I also liked how easy the tube is to handle.

Available mid-August at Clinique retail counters and on-line

What they say: Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector is lightweight and oil-free. It helps to prep the skin before makeup and is effective for all skin types and skin tones. Use twice daily and re-apply as needed throughout the day.

Benefit claims:

  • Lightens the eye-are over time.
  • Protects from environmental damage and against irritation.
  • Improves skin and strengthens the eye area.
  • Refreshes eyes and improves circulation.

Hope you enjoy them too!

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor SpanglishBeauty received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article. 


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