Finding peace in the midst of chaos


Find peace within in the quiet of your mind
By Kudumomo CC

How often can you say: I feel at peace? A quiet moment where nothing seems to matter and you are able to detach yourself from problems, people, your ongoing inner dialogue, your job.

Peace is something you don’t just call upon and it shows up. You have to seek it,  but as often happens, you can’t will yourself to be at peace with so much noise around you.

Invoking peace

Peace requires a train of thought, an awareness that nothing is forever, that all you have is now. Why not focus on acquiring peace of mind, which we should be able to attain as automatically as worry, or the ongoing mental frenzy? We must then invoke it. Call upon it, ask for it, seek it.

Worry, the enemy within

I have always worried and I must admit, most of what I’ve  worried about never materialized. Worry makes us feel somewhat in control. What would happen if we relaxed? Let it all go? And I don’t mean becoming a reckless uncaring bum, just letting things happen and not doing anything about it. I mean forgetting about what if’s, and concentrating all our attention on what is really going on now. Tackle now as it comes. Don’t anticipate chaos.

The gift of finding peace

From a peaceful place you are more able to handle problems as they come. Deal with people as they are, so we are not clouded by the fear.

Give up control and become more accepting

Peace comes when you don’t try to control outcomes. The results are not up to us. There is a certain peace that comes from just having tried.

Accepting people as they are, frees us. We become more attuned to the person and confrontations cease. The peace we find when we can honestly see everyone as they are, imperfect, but perfectly lovable nevertheless.

Make peace with yourself first

To find peace within or without, first you must make peace with yourself . However, you don’t have to become a Buddhist and remove yourself from society to get to that still accepting place. On the contrary, we will learn to find peace in our own space. Practicing again and again acceptance of what is, in this hectic unpredictable world.

Peace… That should be what we seek, and in so doing, our world will become simpler, more livable and less stressful.

Hope you find yours!


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