Phobias and stress speed aging

Phobias and stress age us!

Phobias and stress age us!
By David-F

As if we needed something else to worry about and make us look older! Now, a new study suggests that phobias and stress make people may age faster! And I truly believe it. Mainly because when we undergo pressure, we frown, our facial features tighten and we even squint at the thought of some disaster ready to befall us.

Phobic anxiety

The Scientific America Blog by Katherine Harmon, points out, it is more than our facial features that are subject to aging when we suffer any form of stress or a phobia for example. The fear we suffer, if extreme, may be attributed: phobic anxiety. According to Katherine Harmon’s blog, 8 percent of Americans suffer some form of this anxiety.

Telomeres: the culprit

This stress translates to debilitating biological changes and faster aging. Olivia Okereke a psychiatrist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston set out to study these assumptions. She focused on the telomeres, protective ends of chromosomes that keep genetic information from being lost during cell division. She pointed out that as we age our telomeres shorten naturally. “Scientists suspect this shortening results from exposure to oxidative stress and inflammation,” according to The Scientific American.

What Okereke found was that there might be a connection between phobic anxiety and premature aging. The studies are not conclusive but point in the direction of that connection between shortened telomeres in this phobic group. The speed of the shortening being enhanced by those suffering this disorder.

Seek help and relax!

So now we might want to focus on relaxing a bit, slowing down and treat those phobic anxiety symptoms. We don’t really have to rely on studies to know how worry can endanger our health. Our hearts, skin, stomachs suffer when we are not at ease. Those signs are there already, so we should try to steer clear of all those things that not only make us sick but make us old!


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