Exercise makes you sweat? Think twice

I mostly practice yoga, daily if possible; and I run three to four times a week. When I exercise, I sweat … a lot! Yet lately I have noticed that I sweat more, especially when I wear this new tank that I got two weeks ago.

The Danskin Now tank was advertised as “Slim Tech Tummy Control,” but I didn’t pay much attention to that because by default I don’t believe in those new so called “tummy control technologies.” But I got it just because I liked it.danskin now

This is a cotton blend “racerback V-neck sleeveless” tank with built-in bra removable pads for an extra uplift and “hidden power mesh panel that flattens the tummy.”

So I got it without trying it on; I liked the color, the shape and thought it would fit well though it was a size larger than what I usually wear. Yet when I tried it at home, I wasn’t that thrilled about. I didn’t like the removable pads, and the mesh in the tummy made me itchy. But I kept it: It was the right color, kept my arms and shoulders free to move, it was on sale, and it didn’t make me feel claustrophobic like many other exercise tanks.

Now, here is the funny note. I thought the mesh panel was supposed to flatten your tummy. But no, what it actually does is makes you sweat more than usual in that particular area to help you burn more fat. And it does make you sweat more to double the results of your workout routine. So if you want to sweat off the belly fat, give it try, you might start seeing great results with less effort.

And the pads… Oh, well I got used to them and they are not so bad after all. I get extra support and an extra size—for those who like staring at pads!

The regular price tag of this tank is $28 but I found it on super sale for $9. So look around and give it a try. It doesn’t need to be Danskin Now but any other brand that is also using the same “tummy technology.”
And happy sweating!

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