Bobbi Brown Uber Basic collection: your makeup routine simplified!

Uber Basics; Simplify!

Bobbi Brown’s: Uber Basics

We all know by now that true elegance lies in keeping it simple. Think Audrey Hepburn! Overdoing it is just like adding clutter to your home. Simplify, simplify, simplify! Bobbi Brown knows this and has repeatedly emphasized it in her books: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro , Living Beauty, among others.

Uber Basic collection: simple steps to enhance your beauty

Bobbi Brown: Uber basic Color Story

Inspired by her 7th book: Pretty Powerful Beauty Stories, Bobbi Brown is introducing her new collection: Uber basic, for every woman’s skin tone and age. The collection is organized in four-color stories, each featuring Eye Shadow, Sparkle Eye Shadow, Blush, Rich Lip Color and High Shimmer Lip Gloss.

Additionally, every story explains the sequence of application of the collection through her 10 step process, depending on the color story of your choice! Pretty neat!

10 step application process

Bobbi Brown Uber basics: Nude Pink
10 step application


Sparkle Eye Shadow

Is featherweight and instantly lights up eyes. It combines shimmering pearls and glitter in a translucent base. It glides on smoothly and clings to lids making it long-lasting. The four new sheer shades: Bone, Cement, Taupe and Black Chocolate illuminate eyes subtly.

My take: Wore it mostly at night but only applied a hint of it. Just enough to brighten my eyes. It lasted and stayed put.

SRP: $28

Eye Shadow

Sophisticated collection of subtle to dramatic shades. Silky, mate formula glides on and is natural looking. Shades: Bone, Cement, Taupe and Black Chocolate

My take: Love the mate formula. The colors are supple, long-lasting and very wearable. I own several of the colors. Bone eyeshadow is my favorite which I use under or over darker shadows.

SRP: $21

Rich Lip Color

Lightweight and emollient lip color. The base is colorless and translucent, featuring a special gel system allowing for intense color release and true natural color.
The texture is smooth and buttery soft. It is long-lasting. Available in many flattering shades.

My take: Yep! Long-lasting and buttery. It doesn’t dry up my lips as many long-lasting lip colors do. I love the shades. I own several of these too and my favorite is violet!

SRP: $24

High Shimmer Lip Gloss

This gloss features moisturizing emollients, Vitamins E and C which condition and offer anti-oxidant protection.

It is a clear base for incredible shimmer, shine and color. Wear it at night or when you want to add a bit of sparkle!

My take: I wear it mostly at night. Very sparkly indeed! Over your lipstick, your lips will look plump and fuller! Oh! And it’s not sticky, a plus!

SRP: $23


A Pop of natural cheek blush! Its mate finish makes it long-lasting. The formula is silky, allowing for flawless and even application. Shades: Pretty Pink (New) Pink Rose (New) Nude Pink, Plum.

My take: With the right brush, this blush delivers! It is light and the colors are very natural. I like that it is mate and when combined with bronzer it surely provides a healthy glow as is promised!

SRP: $25

Available September 2012  at beauty counters nationwide and on-line:

About Bobbi Brown and why I like her and her products

She is a true makeup artist and teacher. She has, from the start made a point of instructing women on how to apply makeup and make the most out of their varying features and complexions. She considers age, skin and lifestyle when creating her product lines.

Bobbi holds makeup workshops which you can attend. For more information go to her website:

Besides her books, she has great videos to learn proper makeup application and techniques. Bobbi Brown: Application techniques

Enjoy this 10 step makeup application video by Bobbi Brown

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor SpanglishBeauty received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article. 


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