Cream VS Powder Blush: Kevin Aucoin

Cream blush by Kevin Aucoin SRP: $24

I never got around to trying cream blush because I thought it would be sticky and shiny. Why would I want to smear something on my face which would stain my fingertips?  I like to be practical and keep things simple, so cream blush was not an option. However, as usually happens, I jump to conclusions before trying something new. Big mistake! Will I ever learn?

For my birthday, one of my dear friends who is always in search of rare exclusive brands, got me my first cream blush by Kevin Aucoin. My immediate thought was, who could I give it to? I wasn’t going to give it a chance, of course! Yet, the other day my face was so dry I thought to use some of the creamy stuff, just this once. I was surprised to find that it was easier to apply than I thought with a makeup sponge, giving my cheeks a more natural glow. Now, I know that going too mate is not natural. Skin does shine, and that is part of the beauty of it.

Cream blush seems to last longer than powder blush and needs less touch-ups. It doesn’t crease, making your wrinkles, if any, less noticeable. I suggest a makeup sponge so you can apply it on the go, not needing to have any wipes on hand.

I really like the natural feel of it, its texture and the 8 subtle shades you can build up on to go brighter.  The compact is small and cute.

My shade: Creamy Glow-Tresbelle 

Available at Barneys New York , Nordstrom and other beauty outlets.

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor SpanglishBeauty received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article. 


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