What is PATYKA skincare?

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Patyka is a French beauty brand that uses only certified organic and natural ingredients in their formulas. It is also committed to meet strict ethical specifications.

Their botanical and apothecary inspired skin care and body care products include, according to them, ancient formulas paired with a modern look and global consciousness. 

PATYKA provides two lines: Biokaliftin, for anti-aging, and Absolis, for combination and dry skin.

I received some products to review a couple of months ago. First off, for natural and organic products, the scents are very agreable and clean.  The packaging is modern and very original, if not sophisticated! It took me a while to figure out how to get the products out of the box. I’m clumsy, that’s all. Beautiful though!

Biokaliftin Delicate Cleansing Foam (5fl oz.) SRP$ 65

Biokaliftin Delicate Cleansing Foam (5fl oz.) SRP$ 65

PATYKA  Biokaliftin is a delicate Foam Cleanser. It cleanses without drying. Leaves skin soft, and as they promis; skin glows. It doesn’t dry or irritate your skin. I have very sensitive skin and I am happy to say it did keep its promise.

They say: gently cleanses, balances, protects and invigorates the skin while promoting cell renewal. Formulated with luxurious, organic ingredients that eliminate impurities, oxygenate the skin and deliver a healthy, radiant glow.

Biokaliftin Remarquable Cleansing Oil (3.33fl oz.) SRP $70

Biokaliftin Remarquable Cleansing Oil (3.33fl oz.) SRP $70

PATYKA Biokaliftin Remarquable To be used before Patyka biokaliftin foam cleanser. I massaged the oil over my face and rinsed with warm water to remove. It did the job nicely, especialy taking into account that I apply waterproof makeup which is harder to remove. Then followed by the cleanser. It left my skin soft and clear. Ready for step 3!

They say: The Cleansing Oil clarifies, oxygenates and tones using an organic formula with vitamin E, prickly pear extract and sesame, rose hip and hazelnut oils. It eliminates impurities, provides nourishing anti-aging properties and balances skin tone.

Biokaliftin Repair Night Serum (0.5fl oz.) SRP $110

Biokaliftin Repair Night Serum (0.5fl oz.) SRP $110

Biokaliftin Repair Night Serum is an anti-aging treatment. I am afraid of using any type of oil on my face because it might break out, but this serum moisturized my skin without leaving it greasy. I woke to fresh looking skin, not oily or broken out as I feared!

They say: The formula has firming and toning agents to restore elasticity and radiance. A blend of citrus fruits encourage regeneration.  Sesame extract helps restore skin cells. Dog rose oil promotes collagen synthesis. Wheat germ oil keeps your skin hydrated and supple. Vitamin E and vitamin A give skin glow.

NOTE: It is pricy, but if this is the way you pamper yourself, go for it! It’s worth it! The amounts in the containers are generous and last a long time.

Available at: Dermstore

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor SpanglishBeauty received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article


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