I’ll Have an Affogato, please

I love affogato.


Creamy, luscious affogato. (Fernanda Beccaglia)

This Italian beverage, or dessert, is originally from Milano, Italy. Affogato means «drowned» in Italian. Simply explained it’s a scoop of gelato (no, not ice cream) topped with a shot or two of espresso—yes, let it melt, allowing the flavors to blend and marry naturally. (If espresso is too strong for you, ask the coffee barista to make you a cappuccino affogato instead.)

Speaking of espresso…have you had a Nocciola Caldo? Nocciola Caldo means «warm hazelnut,» another Italian delicacy (or conspiracy to your waist line) courtesy of Illy.

To make it, just place some Nutella in the bottom of your coffee cup, pour espresso on top, add some unsweetened cocoa powder (dust top), and quickly pour on top steamed frothed milk.

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