The Allure of the Latino Male

Alluring Miguel Bosé

Alluring Miguel Bosé


As we dive into the “Latino age” following the elections, and with the immigration reform just passed by the senate, suddenly the world seems to be noticing Latinos. They are emerging as if they had been living closeted for all these years. Some Americans feel threatened and fearful for what that could mean. One fear is that, with Latino males being extra alluring and hot, they may take over more than the just the country, they may steal the hearts and bedrooms of some lucky ladies (and gentlemen as well, we suppose)!  Why are they so enthralling? Why are women as well as men attracted to the Latin lover? Is it all a myth that we’ve fallen victim to? Is it about size? Just what is the allure of the Latino male?

While some may argue that this plays on stereotypes, the truth is that many Latinas prefer to date their Latino counterparts. The reason? They feel their Anglo boyfriends may be too square. Here’s what they shared.

The matter of personal space.

Yep, space. Americans have a wider personal comfort zone than many other cultures. They stay back a few feet, so as not to intrude in other people’s personal bubbles. Maybe it comes from the fear of being sued in this country too! Touching is a “no no” for the same reason. On the other hand, a Latino’s personal space is much smaller, maybe too close for comfort with the added touching, and I don’t mean fondling. Latinos are prone to touch one another a lot, whether patting backs or placing their hand upon your arm when they are addressing you. This is a warm gesture which actually makes people feel more at ease. This closeness and intimate contact makes it easier for people to connect socially and sexually. You are more likely to sense sexual tension and attraction the closer you stand to someone. This is not done on purpose, it comes naturally by way of cultural experiences and Latinos are a very warm and friendly people.

They don’t follow the dating rules

Latinos don’t usually follow the dating “rules.” If they like someone, they let them know. There is no waiting time or prescription, like the four days to wait before calling after a date rule! What is that anyway? Torture? If you like someone, you go for it. What is there to lose? Sooner or later you might get hurt, so Latinos dive in head first. They don’t follow the “never sleep with someone on a first date” rule either. They follow their instinct and their bodies. If they connect on a deeper level, great. If they only connect in bed, it’s a win-win.

Latinos are charismatic

When I first came to San Francisco, it was a kind of relief to walk around and feel unnoticed. After a while, however, I began to miss, not the cat calls, but the nice compliments I had received in other countries. Latinos, no matter to whom they are talking, often don’t miss a beat to compliment you, not fearing you are going to sue them or slap them in offense! They don’t even have to have any romantic interest in you to do so, they just enjoy noticing and commenting on beautiful things.

The flirtations are darn sexy too. They know how to talk their way into your heart and your bed. They are extremely suave and yes, they know how to work it!

Readers input:

When I asked readers what they found alluring about Latinos, I got all sorts of responses. Here are some:

-They are hot.

-Fire in bed.

-Their dark deep eyes.

-Great for a fling but not for a serious relationship.

-Fun, charismatic.

-Some said their “size” did make a difference!

A Latina added that she definitely found Latinos more attractive physically and often felt better chemistry in addition to a shared idiom and culture (she is Latina). She also liked how passionate they are inside and outside the bedroom, and how they move those hips, and are not afraid dance. They are all sensuality and sexuality!

There are few studies as of yet, but there is some truth in the generalizations. If you haven’t tried a Latino relationship, you could be in for a ride! Break the rules and enjoy it all! Even if it’s only the sexy accent!

Sexy Miguel


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