Tiny and AG Jeans: Brands worth the price.

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Tiny brand shirts.

I came upon this brand three years ago and was immediately taken. Most shirts are very similar in cut and shape but so different from one another. Each is unique thanks to the color combination and texture design. These shirts are casual, laid back and elegant.Each season, Tiny brings out a different collection which is limited and they go fast!  I have to admit I have about 8! If the shirt fits…

Tiny was founded by L.A. designer Karyn Craven. Her collections are inspired by global culture. Vintage, embroidered, eclectic designs very thought out and detailed with charming buttons, contrasting color combinations and mixed materials.

Available at Athropologie


AG Jeans Angel - 4 Yeras Brisk Blue SRP: $185.00

AG Jeans Angel – 4 Yeras Brisk Blue
SRP: $185.00

AG Jeans.

Once you find the perfect fit, stick with it. That’s my motto. I started wearing this brand about 5 years ago and since then they have proven to be the best fit, plus long-lasting. They take a beating and there is little fading. If any, they age well.

The corduroys, the skinny’s, the straight leg, the boot leg, all come in all shades and most have the perfect amount of stretch in them to keep their shape no matter how often they go into the washer. For some reason they help your shape better than other jeans. I like to compare them to Spanx! They actually fit and fix. At least that’s how they work for me after having tried my share of jeans from every brand out there, from cheap to extremely expensive.

AG Jeans are not cheap but you can find deals and sales year-round.

Available at retailers nationwide and www.agjeans.com

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor SpanglishBeauty received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article 


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