How to appreciate a free-lance writer/blogger.

Communication by P Shanks

Communication shows appreciation  by P Shanks

Bloggers and writers are what keep websites moving and hustling, but little do they know how hard it is to stick to those deadlines, write a magnificent piece and deliver timely. The payments never seem to come soon enough, but we know that and understand it. 

Yet, some web-based companies don’t understand that to keep people professional and happy, they should communicate. Let you know if there’s no more work for you, if they have changed their mind or if they are now moving in a different direction. To be loyal to a company, a blogger/writer needs to know what to expect.  Even if it’s a: “We don’t need your services any longer,” “We have no money in our budget.” We are people, we have plans, and yes, we are free-lance, but courtesy is something our parents taught us was important.

My loyalty goes hand in hand with an open dialogue. If I know what to expect or what not to expect, I’ll stick around. But if you don’t have the courtesy of letting me in on where I stand, I’m gone. And believe me, I am a loyal employee.  I stuck around for over 10 years in my last two jobs. Why? Respect, communication, appreciation and courtesy.

I will bend backwards, as some fellow bloggers will, to help an on-line company move ahead, even without pay! If companies knew how just a bit of communication prompts even more collaboration, paid or not, they would be doing much better. But, I shouldn’t be saying this! It should be kept top-secret because it doesn’t help my fellow writers and bloggers, and would only make companies grab the opportunity and run for the freebie! So is business.

What you’ll get when you treat good, kindhearted bloggers/writers with respect:

  • We will share away and push, not only our own posts but other colleague’s posts on your site.
  • You will be our top priority.
  • We will deliver on time.
  • We will even write for free if this will help the future of the company that is so nice to us.
  • We will believe in the company, therefore doing our very best to be up to par.
  • We won’t drop you at the drop of a hat if some other opportunity calls. We will let you know and you will still be able to count on us periodically. This comes goes along the lines of; “don’t burn any bridges.”

The Social Media world is”small.” So having a good reputation is a real plus!

I do thank those who believe in me and are open, clear and honest. I will support you all the way and pay you back in kind.

Acerca de Laura Carbonell

Language teacher, food, health, education, empowerment blogger at @vivafifty @OnLifeandHope #socialmedia #influencer Follow me on Twitter at @lauralcbl
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