‘Corazón de Campeón’ wants to show fans that soccer has no barriers

We could easily say that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and many fans of award-winning Mexican sibling duo Jesse & Joy also share that passion.

In April of this year, AT&T and five-time Latin Grammy winners Jesse & Joy released a soccer anthem dedicated to the Mexican National Team fans in the United States with the goal to further ignite the passion and show that soccer doesn’t have any cultural or language barriers.

Since then, the song “Corazón de Campeón,” (Heart of a Champion), has been downloaded nearly 8,000 times between iTunes downloads and free promotional downloads on corazondecampeon.net. It has also been played in exhibition games across the country, and was performed live for the first time at Hispanicize, the annual Latino trends events for media, social media, marketing and music.

The video shows a great production where the majority of the scenes, including the scenes of players entering the field, were shot earlier this year in Barcelona, Spain, and the opening images portraying the Aztecs, Revolutionaries, and the Barber scene celebration were shot in Mexico City.

Jesse & Joy named the song “Corazón de Campeón” because they consider all soccer fans “champions at heart.” Just like their star players, they are fighters and don’t ever give up.

They always go after their dreams. With this campaign, Jesse & Joy and their friends at AT&T, hope to celebrate the team’s and the fans’ everyday victories.

AT&T has a longstanding relationship with the Mexican Soccer Federation (Federación Mexicana de Fútbol, FMF).  AT&T first became an Official Proud Sponsor of the Mexican National Team in 2005 in an effort to engage with fans passionate about the sport while showcasing the brand and its products. That the partnership with AT&T creates excitement and encourages fans to support the Mexican National Team in their journey to qualify to compete in the largest global soccer stage in 2014.

To learn more about what AT&T is doing for the Mexican National Team, or watch the video go to http://www.corazondecampeon.net, or check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/attlatino.


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