Clinique’s Spring bets: Superdefence and Cheek Pop.

Clinique Super Defence

Clinique Superdefence SPF 20

Superdefence SPF 20 Daily Defence Moisturizer. SRP $45

Formulated with technology to boost skin’s ability to protect the first signs of aging, It prevents future skin damage by combining a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB protection by using an SPF 20 and adding a mix of antioxidants: Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

It’s a light, silky and fast absorbing formula which leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. I liked that with only a dab you can easily apply it without overdoing it. 

We shall see what the future holds, but any help is welcome!

Cheek pop.

Cheek pop.

Cheek Pop“SRP: $21 To add to the freshness of Spring, Clinique is also introducing this cheek blush. A modern approach to vibrant, playful colour. It’s a light textured silky blush which provides vibrant healthy color.  If you want a brighter effect, just add a few extra strokes and your cheeks will pop with color.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 9.13.17 PM

I like all the colors. Healthy looking, with no streaking when applied. They blend easily and you can build on color as you add strokes with a brush.

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor SpanglishBeauty received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article.


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