How to make your closet seasonless

Have you ever dreamed of buying a whole new wardrobe each and every season? It would be amazing. For people who like to be fashionable on every occasion, the desire to continually update their wardrobes can be expensive. So, instead of getting new clothes we must take full advantage of the those we have and wear them all year round. Are you wondering how can you do that? It’s easy: make most of your clothes seasonless.

Flexibility. – The traditional two-piece suit can be a multipurpose wonder. Even though it’s a work staple, you can use it with a tight camisole in order to dress sexy and smart at a party. And the jacket is guaranteed to be sharp atop jeans or even a cocktail dress or gown. You can also separate the set and match the top or bottom with other clothes. The skirt or pants can go with a blouse or a tee, without the jacket.

And the jacket alone is guaranteed to be chic. There are many ways to wear a blazer. Try it with different trousers. A wide-leg style in crisp white, for example, is dressier than denim and a great alternative in spring or fall. You can wear it over a cocktail dress or gown. However my top choice is to match the blazer with jeans. That is casual chic at its best: your favorite blues with a tailored blazer!

Arm yourself with tees, shirts and blouses. – Play around with different trousers or skirts. You can even wear them under a dress. For example, a long-sleeved tee or turtleneck can turn a warm-weather top or sundress into a sweet fall or winter look.

Embrace knits. Cardigans (chunky or lightweight) can give any summery outfit a cozier feel. And they never fail for cooler evenings. I always carry one in summer because of the cold air conditioning indoors.

Mix and match sandals, boots and tights with your clothes. – The easiest way to wear a summer dress in winter is to mix it with tights, boots and a good coat. It’ll  look like a whole new dress! For a special night date you can use it with sandals.

Wear different shoes, accessories, purses, and belts with the same dress for every event. – A black dress you usually save for work can turn into a cocktail dress by adding pearls, heels and a clutch. A woman always has something appropriate to wear without buying a new outfit for every event that she attends, if she has quality classic pieces that never go out of style.

Get creative. – Experiment with letting your clothes live outside their designated roles. A classic white shirt, for example, often worn under a jacket, is also incredibly glam paired with a ball gown or tucked into jeans. You can also wear an oversized shirt as a bathing suit cover up or as a sexy nightime option in strappy heels. All you need is a belt and a nice necklace. Don’t be afraid to turn your basics into something bold. I wore this once and every one turned around to look at me, and the best was that many women imitated me!  I love to set the trend!

As RALPH LAUREN says: “I’ve always admired a woman who can dress for all occasions, someone who’s not fashion crazy, but you always want to look like her”.

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