Clinique Jenna Mernard teaches us how to apply eyeliner!

Quicckliner for eyes by Clinique. SRP $15

Quicckliner for eyes by Clinique. SRP $15

Quickliner for eyes by Clinique is an automatic eyeliner pencil that easily twists up ready to use. It glides on and smudges to a smooth blur of color. It comes with a smudge tool at the opposite tip. No need to sharpen, and it’s so silky that it glides on with no tugging. It defines your eyes and  stays all day, which is my favorite!




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Para conseguir tus objetivos: da un paso hacia delante

Para aprender a escribir hay que escribir mucho, y el resultado puede ser malo, mediocre, bueno, o genial. Por mucho que pienses en escribir, ¡sólo lograrás publicar un libro si lo escribes! Es posible que incluso firmes un contrato editorial basado en una propuesta editorial, claro, pero – repito – sólo lo publicarás si lo escribes. Seguir leyendo

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Grapefruit: The dangers of combining it with medications

Grapefruit: The good and the bad by Muffet

Bad news for those who enjoy drinking grapefruit juice. According to The Harvard Medical School, grapefruits seem to be dangerous when combined with prescription or over the counter medications. Grapefruits contain hundreds of complex chemicals. Doctors have not found out yet which one exactly is the culprit. But they suspect furanocoumarin. Which is also found in Seville (sour) oranges and tangelos.  Seguir leyendo

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How to make your closet seasonless

Have you ever dreamed of buying a whole new wardrobe each and every season? It would be amazing. For people who like to be fashionable on every occasion, the desire to continually update their wardrobes can be expensive. So, instead of getting new clothes we must take full advantage of the those we have and wear them all year round. Are you wondering how can you do that? It’s easy: make most of your clothes seasonless. Seguir leyendo

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Prescription glasses you actually want to wear!

Mykita eyewear

SRP $480

Nope, the idea of wearing prescription glasses has never appealed to me, but since I have been spending a lot of time glued to the computer screen, my eyes have started to fail me. So I bit the bullet and went to try to find a pair I could live with. Of course, the only pair that caught my eye were the most expensive!  Seguir leyendo

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Surf and Sand: to highlight your tan this summer!

 Surf and Sand

Surf and Sand by Bobbi Brown comes right in time at the highlight of summer to enhance your tan or simply complement your summer looks.  Seguir leyendo

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Makeup to improve your skin and your looks!


NEW makeup to improve your skin and your looks!

It’s no secret that I love makeup and skincare products.  I’ll try anything that will enhance my skin, whether it takes care of its texture, protects it or makes my skin glow. I wear makeup and choose it as I would my wardrobe, with care. Seguir leyendo

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