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7 Tips to De-stress

Whether you have kids, infertility, too much or not enough work, an active social life or no one to go to the movies with, truth is, most of us deal with stress of some kind. How to de-stress? –       Aerobic … Seguir leyendo

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Dr.Jart+ BB Beauty Balm: 5-Star Multi-purpose Skincare

It´s a serum! It´s a moisturizer! It´s a sunscreen! It´s a concealer! It´s also a makeup primer! It can even substitute foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Ay, caramba! It´s a busy mama´s dream! I´ve been using it for three weeks … Seguir leyendo

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Boho Bracelet by Lisana Falcón

It was love at first sight. This Boho Bracelet is made of chocolate color deer leather, freshwater pearls and a Howlite Nugget, fastened with gold-filled wire. Lisana Falcón is the Venezuelan jewelry designer behind this piece. She has a shop in Miami, and ships worldwide. … Seguir leyendo

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