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Why go to conferences? #NicheParent13

Let me tell you that before attending my first conference I didn’t see the point. Why travel and mix with people I didn’t know? What did I have in common? Writing? Blogging? How could this help me?

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Una historia cualquiera

Hay gente que aún se cartea, que comparte escritos. Este es el caso de Eugenia Alberdi. Una gran amiga a la que admiro. Me sorprende siempre cuando escribe, se desnuda.

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Top 5 things people have told me and which I’m glad I didn’t listen to

I have two beautiful kids. I’m a 17-times published author. I´m Editor in Chief of Mamiverse, a fantastic online publication for Latina moms. I love my career. I’ve run a half marathon. I have a wonderful crazy blended family. I … Seguir leyendo

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You are not alone

Who knows me a little bit, knows that I love quotes and Sufi poetry. It helps me to see through the eyes of others, to feel others feelings and share mine. I get to see that I am not alone … Seguir leyendo

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¡Que vivan las mujeres y los hombres que las apoyan… o las amigas!

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