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Save your undies and get a free sample of U by Kotex®

I love that it’s spring! I’m a beauty and fashion blogger and also the mom of a little boy. This means I get excited about change my wardrobe and pulling out of the closet lighter clothes, and even white pants! … Seguir leyendo

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Clinique’s Spring bets: Superdefence and Cheek Pop.

Superdefence SPF 20 Daily Defence Moisturizer. SRP $45 Formulated with technology to boost skin’s ability to protect the first signs of aging, It prevents future skin damage by combining a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB protection by using an SPF 20 and … Seguir leyendo

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Jenna Menard and Clinique team up to create Vibrant Coral Lip Color.

Jenna Menard is a well recognized makeup artist based in New York. Creative, versatile and very skilled in her trade. She holds a bachelor of arts in psychology but has made makeup her passion. Jenna has collaborated with acclaimed photographers, … Seguir leyendo

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Laura Mercier Belle Nouveau Collection- Lavender Cloud

Gone are the days when nail polish was only red or pink. Now, there seems to be a craze for becoming bolder and much more fun. Another beauty statement, no mater your age or style, nail polish is now created … Seguir leyendo

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