7 Tips to De-stress

(c) Lorraine C. Ladish - Tata Harper Aromatherapy

Whether you have kids, infertility, too much or not enough work, an active social life or no one to go to the movies with, truth is, most of us deal with stress of some kind.

How to de-stress?

–       Aerobic exercise. Run, walk, dance, jump rope, swim, hit your punching bag. 15-20 mins every other day will do the trick.

–       Sleep. If you are sleep deprived, even the smallest stressor will seem to blow up in your face. Make sure you sleep enough every night. 7-8 hours is recommended.

–       Meditate. Practice yoga, clear your mind of thoughts, listen to soft music, every day.

–       Talk to a friend. Women need to vent. Call a friend and tell her what’s up. Don’t ruminate. Just tell her, and then move on.

–       Read a good book. Not a self-help book, nothing work-related. Read a novel for the pleasure of it.

–       Play with a kid. Your own or someone else’s. Very young children know how to be in the moment.

–       Use aromatherapy. Scents can revitalize, or soothe.

Tata Harper’s Aromatherapy Treatments are effective in reducing stress through the scents of essential oils.

I’ve tried the three of them: Bedtime Treatment, Irritability Treatment, and Stress Treatment. My favorite is the Stress Treatment because of the scent of neroli, which I find very relaxing.

Neroli is known for its antidepressant properties, and also to boost creativity.

Disclosure: A sample for review was provided by the manufacturer. However, I only showcase products I actually liked.

Lorraine C. Ladish is a bilingual published author and writes the blogs Success Diaries and Diario del Éxito. She is also an expert Latina Mom, who promotes inner and outer beauty

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